Monday, April 30, 2012

Your healthcare firm may not follow HIPAA compliance!
HIPAA privacy laws have forever changed the way the healthcare industry operates. This piece of far-reaching legislation calls for the security and privacy of all electronic patient data, regardless of location. In providing HIPAA-compliant solutions to the healthcare industry, Edward Technology helps to ensure that every piece of patient data, regardless of location, is absolutely safe from attack. Below you will find some of the secure recommendations we have implemented for our healthcare clients and their technology infrastructure.

Data Security:
• Daily backups with weekly & monthly redundancy.
• 128bit encrypted offsite backup implementation.
• 3rd party software backup testing and recovery.

Network Security:
• WPA2 Personal or Enterprise wireless encryption.
• Single use internet connections (not sharing internet with others).
• Complete autonomous wireless guest access from main network.

Security Threats:
• Separate service firewall/routers with email threat reporting.
• Centrally updating antivirus software with email threat reporting.
• Secure (SSL/TLS) email servers with company-wide privacy disclaimers.

Computer Protection:
• Daily virus definition updates with email threat reporting.
• Software firewall with email threat reporting.
• 5 minute or less PC idle logout with password protection.

Productivity Protection:
• VPN-only remote access into the office with complex passwords.
• 5 minute or less webmail idle logout with complex passwords.
• SSL/TLS encrypted hosted MS exchange for smartphone email synchronization.